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Accurate. Integrated. Secure.

Transforming Healthcare Data: Your Solution for Better Care

Totumlink’s medical records software isn't just software; it’s your partner in rewriting healthcare narratives.

 Embrace innovation, embrace Totumlink – where every record tells a story of transformation.


Comprehensive medical records

Integrated records empower doctors and mental health practitioners

Navigating the maze of medical and behavioral health records just got easier. Totumlink understands your challenges and offers a solution that ensures proficiency and efficient clinic sharing. 




Treatment Centers




View medical and mental health records


Reduce drug-seeking and overutilization


Prevent misdiagnosis

Experience a new era of healthcare efficiency.

In Latin, the word "totum" means "whole" and Totumlink focuses on connecting medical and mental health records for more holistic treatment—healing both minds and bodies.

Time to upgrade! Try Totumlink.

Why Totumlink?

Efficient sharing among providers.


Smooth integration

Inefficient care represents up to 30% of all medical spending in the United States.

We value data portability. Imagine a seamless flow of information between clinics, ensuring patients get the best care wherever they go.


Totumlink connects clinics, using existing medical record softwares to create a network of efficient healthcare.

Data Management

In a world of regulatory hurdles, interoperability issues, and rising security threats, Totumlink stands as your beacon of progress.


Our cutting-edge software not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures medical record data is accurate, secure, and compliant.

Precision in every diagnosis

Ease of record retrieval and navigation

Complete medical history

Analysing data

Cost-effective care

Totumlink eliminates outdated or missing records, increasing efficiency and patient satisfaction. Reduce drug-seeking, overuse, and misdiagnosis.

Real-time data for accurate diagnoses and treatments. 

Comprehensive patient history eliminates unecessary tests and treatments.

Essential medications and treatments aren't overlooked or missed.

Thorough documentation of drug histories.

Transfering patient data securely

Our vigilant updates align with regulations, allowing patient care to take priority.

Envision a world where patient data seamlessly moves across systems. Totumlink ensures patients' records are always protected and accessible, providing continuity of care and peace of mind.


Still have questions?

Check out these Frequently Asked Questions

"Will Totumlink work with my existing healthcare system?"



Meet Dr. Rodriguez, whose clinic seamlessly integrated Totumlink into their existing EHR system, enhancing efficiency.


Our compatibility ensures your workflow remains uninterrupted, making your practice even stronger.


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