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the role of education

Schools are the fabric of our communities and the foundation for positive mental health, wellbeing, and stability in life. Schools play an essential role in prevention and early intervention through their policies, practices, and programs.

Schools experience mental health crises around the world. Knowing how to intervene in a school setting when mental health needs arise can be challenging.

Fewer and fewer teachers are being retained, students with mental illness are dropping out of high school, anxiety, depression, and suicide rates continue to rise, and there is a shortage of treatment for both teachers and students when it comes to their mental health needs. 


From evidence-based practices and a neurological foundation, totumlink provides understanding about mental health, the brain, student behaviors, and how to address significant, negative and traumatic experiences to continue wellbeing for a lifetime.

Kids and educators are experiencing trauma at school and at home.


Top 4 Mental Health Concerns for Youth






360° educational

collaborative engagement

Onsite or virtual 

professional learning

educational leadership coaching

mental health

wellbeing assessment

Does your school need an intervention?

It is so important to address the trauma kids experience both in and out of the classroom.

Trauma that is unaddressed can lead to negative impacts on brain development, delayed processing, instability, neurotic mental states, risks, and drug seeking


Join the totumlink Community to learn how to empower and equip  both adults and children to know how to overcome their challenges and lead a life of positive mental health and wellbeing!

In your school are you seeing the following?
Disengaged Students?

Rise in Anxiety or Depression?

Increased Suicide Ideation or you have had Suicide Tragedies?

Increased Substance Abuse or Addiction?

Decline in Attendance and Academic Success?

Increased Dropout Rates

Increased Incidences of Bullying?

Increased Risky Behaviors Including: Sexual Activity, Vaping, Unhealthy Eating Behaviors, and Violence

Overall Increased Concerns About Mental Health and Wellbeing of your School Community?

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Our school is so grateful for the increased stability we've gained with totumlink. Our teachers feel like they can practice self-care to be more present for their students, and our students seem calmer, more stable, and able to

self-regulate in the classroom.