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Pro-active corporations, with the help of totumlink, are reinventing the path of stability as they engage in practices and procedures to make neurological, mental health wellbeing an essential part of workplace productivity.  


the path to stability


You play a critical role in the wellbeing and mental health of your employees. Proactive companies are recognizing the need for mental health intervention.


With increased turnover, absenteeism, and burnout, corporations simply cannot afford to underestimate mental health as an essential part of their culture.


Supporting employee mental health and wellbeing will decrease health care costs for your company and improve your corporate culture.

By working with totumlink you will reinvent the path to stability through how you educate, explore, and talk about positive mental health in the work place.

Attention to mental health decreases accidents and increases wellbeing


Improve Employee Retention

Decrease Stress

Boost Employee Engagement

Greater Job Satisfaction

Restore Productivity


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mental health

wellbeing assessment

Does your corporation need an intervention?
Knowing when and how to intervene can be a delicate and tough
decision for leaders to make in any industry.
With totumlink's help, you can confidently make more deliberate and thoughtful decisions that will reinvent your corporation's path to stability. totumlink corporate services can help meet your mental health cultural needs.
If you meet any of the criteria below then it is time for an intervention.
Mental health could be a further integrated part of our corporate culture

We would like employees to feel more at ease when talking about their mental health needs

Our corporation has concerns about absenteeism, turnover, and/or burnout

Company leaders in our industry are unsure about what to say or what not to say in regards to mental health

We are missing prevention tools, focusing instead on intervention when it comes to mental health

Mental health is often viewed as a negative and not as a positive process in corporate culture

In the last 30 days our corporation has not engaged in any type of neurological mental health wellbeing stabilization discussions or programs for employees

I've gotten really good at hiding my anxiety behind my smile

I had a panic attack on my lunch break... I don't know if I can do this anymore

How do I tell my boss that I'm exhausted due to my depression...